LED Pillar Candles

LED Pillar Candles

from 5.00

Our Ivory LED Pillar Candles are perfect for venues that don’t allow real candles or where your guests might get too close to real flames. 

Our LED pillar candles feature a flickering flame and wax like finish so they look realistic from a distance.

Available in multiple sizes and can be hired separately or in groups.

New batteries are included with each candle.

Perfect for decorating stairwells, bar tables or used as centrepieces


Quantities and sizes available: 

2 x Round 5cmD x 6cmH -$5
2 X Round 5cmD x 9.5cmH - $6
3 x Round 5cmD x 12.5cmH - $7
3 x Round 5cmD x 15.5cmH - $8
8 x Round 7cmD x 12cmH - $10
8 x Round 7cmD x 15cmH - $11
8 X Round 7cmD x 22.5cmH - $12

7cm Diameter candles available for hire in groups of 3 - $25


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